The purpose of the Fourth Avenue Christian Church is to
 prepare ourselves and encourage others
as we worship God and serve.


Welcome to the website of the Fourth Avenue Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio.  The church building is located just one-half mile south of The Ohio State University Campus on Neil Avenue.

We are a group Christians who are simply seeking for the truth and who are absolutely non-judgmental.

We welcome every person to join us as we search for “that which corresponds to reality” – in other words, “the truth.”

The tradition of the Christian Church is to study the Scripture to understand what it contains and then to engage in open and lively discussions of the application of the Scripture to one’s faith and practice, morals and ethics.

This local congregation has a very wide range of opinion and yet the unity of the congregation is quite unique considering that diversity.

We encourage you to visit this Sunday Morning at 10:00 am.